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Analysis of the market of hot melt adhesives in the world

The market for hot melt adhesives is divided into three main sections: industrial, sanitary and domestic. The main geographical areas of the Hot Nation adhesive market are North America with 30% of the global market, Western Europe with 18%, Asia and Oceania, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa with another 52%.

New reports show that of all these regions, Asia-Pacific, emerging markets are the fastest growing for hot-melt adhesives, largely due to the recent expansion in production capacity and high demand for end products.

The growing need for high-standard performance and products in industries and applications has played a significant role in guiding the global market for hot melt adhesives. According to the report, which combines the data found with regional trend analysis, polymer base popularity and industrial use, the global market for hot melt adhesives is projected to reach $ 9.64 billion by 2022, up 5.73% over the next five years. Experience. One of the main reasons mentioned in this report is the global shift in demand for solvent-based adhesives to Hot Nation adhesives. The three main reasons for this increase in popularity are:

Hot melt adhesives reduce or completely eliminate resistant organic compounds.

Melting-based adhesives have a longer shelf life than solvent-based adhesives.

Hot melt adhesives are easily disposable and biodegradable without the use of special instructions or hazardous environmental effects.

The increase in demand and consumption of hot melt adhesives has also been attributed to their solvent-free properties. In terms of health, safety and quality, the product tends to comply with valid regulatory requirements.

Another important reason for the increase in demand for polymer-based hot melt adhesives is the increasing demand for polyurethane-based hot melt adhesives. Polyurethane adhesives are specially designed to bond non-porous materials such as metal and wood to each other, which expands the scope of application of this type of adhesive to shoe production and product packaging.

Polyurethane is a low-volatile organic compound, which is why it is so popular because it can be used as a raw material in the manufacture of hotmelt adhesives. As a result, the popularity and demand for hot melt adhesives will continue for the next 5 years. The combination of these factors has saved thousands of dollars a year in production costs and continues to be popular; Because businesses around the world still need a growing, environmentally friendly market.