Okam Polymer
Okam Polymer

Hot melt adhesive 5100

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Product Specifications :

  • model of industrial glue: 5100
  • packaging: Bucket
  • Color: white milky

Descriptions :

Characteristics and direction for use:

Semi-Economic product

Low gr/m ratio of usage

Suitable for temperate regions with temperature range of 5-40 [°C]

Four season product

Good temperature resistance

Usual and automatic high-speed edge banding machines and Straight edges

Very good resistance to oxidation and color stability in the melt

Very good adhesion and mechanical processing

characteristics with accurate string-free hot melt application


Viscosity [cp] /Temperature [°C]: 90000-110000/190

Processing Temperature [°C]: 160-170

Softening Range [°C]: 90 ± 5

Density [g/cm³]/Temperature [°C]:

Open time at 200 °C [s]: 70

Appearance: Milky White [Default], Custom color

Safety Instructions

In case of contact with skin in solid state:

In this case, wash the skin with soap and water to prevent the skin from drying out and in the case of skin allergies, which often manifests itself as a change in skin color see a doctor right away.

In case of contact with skin in molten state:

In this case, immediately put the skin under cold water and use a cold compress to lower the skin temperature, do not bandage the skin as it should be exposed to the open air, Avoid peeling off the glue on the skin and See a dermatologist or doctor as soon as possible.

In case of contact with eyes:

In this case, immediately rinse your eyes with water and Avoid hand contact with the eyes, and in case of irritation or Eye allergies, see an ophthalmologist immediately.

In case of swallowing the glue:

If the Okam granule adhesive is swallowed for any reason, avoid intentional vomiting and see a specialist immediately.

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