Okam Polymer
Okam Polymer


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Product Specifications :

  • Model: CR110P1
  • Brand: OKAWAX
  • Function: PE
  • Appearance: powder
  • Structure: Light
  • Softening Point: 110-115
  • Viscosity: 600-700 در دمای 140°c
  • Density: 0.91
  • packing: Fabric Bag
  • Storage temperature: Room temperature
  • Color group: white

Descriptions :


OKAWAX CR110P1 is a high performance high viscosity polyethylene wax obtained from virgin low density polyethylene(LDPE) by thermal cracking method .This grade is a non-polar polyethylene wax acts as a lubricant , release agent and dispersing agent for polyolefin masterbatches ,PVC compounds, wood plastics composites and rubber application providing good thermos stability and anti-sticking properties.


Viscosity [cp] /Temperature [°C]: 600-700/140

Viscosity [cp] /Temperature [°C]: 1500-1700/120

Acid value mgKOH/g: -

Softening Range [°C]: 110-115

Density [g/cm³]: 0.91

Oil content [%]: -

Appearance: White powder


Highly recommended for hot melt Adhesive

Lubricant for PVC compounding

Processing aid for polyolefin compounding

Processing aid for engineering Plastics

Film recycling and extrusion

Color and filler masterbatch

Wood plastics composites

Coating formulation

Rubber compounds


OKAWAX- CR110P1 should be stored in dry Condition and at room temperature.

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