Okam Polymer
Okam Polymer


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Product Specifications :

  • Model: REH-95
  • Brand: OKAWAX
  • Function: PE
  • Appearance: powder
  • Structure: Light
  • Softening Point: 95-106
  • Viscosity: 20-35 در دمای 140°c
  • Soap Index: 1-2
  • Density: 0.90
  • packing: Fabric Bag
  • Storage temperature: Room temperature
  • weight: 25
  • Color group: white

Descriptions :


OKAWAX-REH95 is a very low molecular polyethylene wax obtained from refining of byproducts of polyethylene production plant. Its low viscosity imparts high lubrication and anti-sticking properties. This economic PE wax is suitable for PVC compounding, filler masterbatch, hot melt adhesives, etc.


Viscosity [cp] /Temperature [°C]: 20-35/140

Viscosity [cp] /Temperature [°C]: 25-45/120

Acid value mgKOH/g: -

Softening Range [°C]: 95-106

Density [g/cm³]: 0.90

Oil content [%]: 1-2

Appearance: White powder


Recommended for hot melt Adhesive

Used as processing aid for variety of resin

Lubricant in PVC compounding

Film recycling and film extrusion

Color masterbatch

Filler Master Batch


OKAWAX-REH-95 should be stored in dry Condition and at room temperature.

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