Okam Polymer
Okam Polymer


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Product Specifications :

  • Viscosity: (at 20 °C), mPa.s 105000
  • packing: Bucket
  • Color group: white

Descriptions :


Formulated and modified urethane resin primer for plastics especially for PVC. It is suitable for PVC edge bands and foils provide adequate bonding to hot melt adhesives based on EVA.

Also can be used for other plastics e.g. PU, ABS.

Easy to apply, fluid, fast drying, efficient at low level of usage.

Direction to use:

Before applying shake the container and stir the ingredients to achieve uniform viscosity, ingredient distribution and overcome to viscosity fluctuating.

Apply with gravure in a thin layer. Best results can be obtained in the range of 5-10 g/m2 (dry).

Insufficient or very thick layer as well as incompletely stirred materials will lead to lack of bonding.

The processing temperature of REZOKA 406 primer should be 15-25 °C.

Specifications:(values are on the time of production)

Solid content (2 hrs. at 90 °C), % 16±0.5

Viscosity (at 20 °C), mPa.s 105000

Drying time 15 min


The primer should be stored in closed original containers, in dry and cool place (15-25 °C).


20kg polyethylene container. Other packaging types are available upon request.


The material is irritant (to eyes) and highly flammable.

Vapors are hazard and may cause dizziness.

Safety directions:

Keep away from flame and source of ignition- No smoking.

Do not breathe fumes and volatiles.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Static charge can cause problems. Avoid and take care against static discharge.

Use only at properly ventilated area.

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