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What is hot melt adhesive?

Hotmelt adhesive, also known as HMA in global markets, is a heat-melt adhesive that is a type of thermoplastic adhesive based on polymer.

Hot melt adhesive

This adhesive, which is one of the most widely used adhesives in the industry, is often marketed in the form of granules for various uses.

This type of adhesive becomes liquid with heat and can be used; And after the temperature decreases, it returns to its solid state.

This type of adhesive is used to bond plastics, wood, paper, ceramics and metals. This type of adhesive can be used as a spray or drip at different temperatures.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate adhesive is a model of hot melt adhesive that is one of the most widely used industrial adhesives due to its environmental friendliness and low cost.

EVA adhesives have many formulas for production, each of which is produced for a specific type of consumption. This type of adhesive is used in many industries and can be found in many products, such as shoe insoles, foam mattresses, foam packaging, yoga bricks, swimming boards, flooring, custom foams and so on.