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Okam Polymer

About Okam

Okam's second step was taken nearly a decade later to begin the second phase of development with stability and confidence; As a result of the efforts of the Okam family, the production line of hot melt adhesive and Plast wood was launched and the production capacity reached more than 2100 tons.

In 2015, as a result of interaction and cooperation with international markets and in order to improve the quality, a new formulation was purchased from the German company Kaiser.

As a result of these efforts to improve the quality, it was possible to launch a molded adhesive production line and increase the production space to 5,000 square meters in 1397. A year later, in 1398, it was time to launch the second adhesive production line and increase the capacity to 5,000 tons of hot melt adhesive. In the same year, the 1,000-tonne polyethylene wax production line was put into operation, and the adhesive and polymer laboratory was put into development and upgrading with an investment of $ 50,000.

The next important step was taken by improving the quality of products and reaching international standards, and for the first time in Iran, wood heat-sealing adhesive was exported to Turkey. Before that, however, glue was also exported to Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia.

About Okam

OKam Polymer Company deeply believes that it will achieve all its economic goals by relying on the knowledge and capable arm of its forces and by increasing and guaranteeing quality. Increasing quality is the first pillar of development and increasing immersion.

In 1399, the export of wax to Turkey and China began to open the way for foreign exchange to enter Iran in the unsettled situation of the dollar and US sanctions against Iran, so that Okam, for its part, would take a small step to alleviate economic hardship.

Shortly afterwards, the third adhesive production line was launched and the production of PVC primer to supplement the hot melt adhesive was put into operation. Now it was time for Okam to increase its production space with three production lines; For this reason, Okam factory in Eyvanaki Industrial City added a production space of 6000 square meters to its production complex with an investment worth 150 billion Rials, which will pave the way for development in an area of ​​11000 square meters.

Far from being a slogan, Okam only thinks about developing self-sufficiency and eliminating quality shortcomings in the Iranian adhesive industry; A goal that can only be achieved by focusing on improving technology and competing with the industry's major external powers.

It is hoped that the efforts of entrepreneurs and producers around the clock will be reflected in increasing the welfare and livelihood of the Iranian people by bearing fruit on the tree of self-sufficiency and development.


Why Okam?

  • Unique formulation
  • Quality in accordance with international standards
  • Having the latest international technologies
  • Having the largest market share
  • Reasonable price
  • Using the capital of specialized and efficient human resources
  • Responsibility and responding to customer needs


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