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Okam Polymer



Beginning of the development of the future path of Okam Polymer

He added: "Okam Polymer Company, which has been operating in the polymer adhesive industry for nearly a decade by producing various types of thermosetting adhesives, molds and granules, primers and dry and greasy micronized polyethylene waxes, intends to take effective steps next year by increasing production capacity." In this industry.

Ghasemi, referring to the standard of Okam Polymer adhesives in comparison with foreign samples, said: "One of the first goals of establishing Okam Polymer factory was to strengthen the production arm of our country." In this regard, it was done by using the latest technology in the world and specialized and committed forces. At the same time, by equipping and updating the company's laboratory, we tried to bring Okam Polymer adhesives closer to the world standard in terms of quality and similar foreign samples.

The CEO of Okam Polymer considered the increase of production capacity as only one of the series of goals of Okam and said: "In this direction, we have considered a set of goals, of which increasing the production capacity by 30 tons is just one of them." What we are looking for, considering the potential of the complex, is to maximize production capacity and add new production lines to focus on the production of specialized adhesives, which are mainly imported, to the factory.