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30% increase in polymer prices

According to the public relations of Polymer Okam, the forecast of a 30% increase in the price of polymer is made in a situation where we see price stability in the foreign exchange market and the price of the dollar does not increase more than this.

Since the beginning of this year, the polymer industry has been struggling with a number of sudden fluctuations and instability in the foreign exchange market. In the wave of challenges, Okam has always tried to reduce the shocks to the industry by relying on the commitment of its customers and to be more focused than ever on the production and distribution of its products.

But the sudden rise in polymer prices has forced it, like many other industries, to rise in price by at least 30 percent since the beginning of 1400.

Therefore, we know that while informing about the possibility of price increase next year, we inform our customers that due to the approaching end of the year, the ordering process has stopped and this process will continue from the first working day of next year.

It is therefore recommended that you apply for a new price list before placing your order.